A Few Of My Favorite {Wedding Stationery} Things

It’s 2017 (which I still find hard to believe) and just like every other year, our refrigerators have begun to fill with save-the-dates and invitations to witness one of the most beautiful moments in life. Two people professing their love for each other, and a commitment to share their lives together, forever. In my mind, there are few things more captivating than the look on a groom’s face when he catches that first glimpse of his bride in her wedding gown.

As a calligrapher, I’ve felt the impending wedding season since the beginning of January, as custom requests began to flood in, and clients began to check my availability for April (a very popular wedding month this year.) And in the midst of all the preparing and brainstorming to help make their dreams a reality, I have noticed a few trends that I wish I had known about when I got married – because they are absolutely gorgeous ways to make your invitations more unique. And don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget (because who isn’t?) Simply adding one or two of these special elements can make a big difference.

So get ready to have some serious stationery envy — here are five of my favorite wedding stationery trends, that can take your invitations to the next level:

  1. Vellum Envelopes – This is one of my favorite trends at the moment, possibly because of how fun it is to write on vellum, but also because it is just so stunning. Almost any ink color stands out beautifully on these envelopes, and the see-through nature of vellum gives a little teaser to what is inside, without totally giving away the surprise. This is an “upgrade” that does not add to much to your overall cost, but provides a huge “wow factor.”fullsizerender
  2. Handmade Paper – Fundamentally speaking, your invitations will only be as beautiful as the paper you use. And from the moment your guests open their hand-addressed envelope, they will no doubt be taken aback by the unique look and feel of handmade paper.
    Handmade Paper by Share Studios. A paper company featuring the work of Maker, Stephanie Hare. Located in the state of Maine, Stephanie produces beautiful, handmade paper from Kozo fibers (bark harvested from the Paper Mulberry Tree.)
  3. Wax Seal –  The next design element I’d recommend (which I am pretty obsessed with these days) is a wax seal. This is another great way to make a big impact, with an element that can still be used for things like Christmas cards and baby announcements, once the wedding festivities have ended. In my mind, this one is a no-brainer because it is both stunning and cost effective. Personally, I find myself sending more “snail mail” simply for the opportunity to use my wax seal, and I’m sure you’ll do the same.
    Get Marked offers a wide variety of wedding themed wax seals (their “carriage stamp” shown above.) They also offer the opportunity to submit your own design for a custom wax seal. 
  4. Custom Watercolor Elements – Another way to add a little bit more of a unique touch to your invitations is by adding a few custom watercolor elements. From envelope liners, to custom crests, and illustrated maps or venues, adding a few touches of custom watercolor elements will mean your invitations are not just unique to you, but they truly reflect you as a couple, and what guests can expect for your special day.
    Venue card designed and painted by me.
  5. Silk ribbon – And now, since you have taken such care in each individual element, it’s only necessary that you bring it together with the same level of care – and silk ribbon is, no doubt, the way to go.
    Honey Silks Co. is a creative silk ribbon company, offering a beautiful assortment of hand-dyed silk ribbon.

So there you have it, my friends. Five of my favorite trends in stationery, that are sure to bring the “wow factor” to your invitations.

If you’re currently in the midst of planning your wedding, do your best to enjoy it!  It really can be a fun process if you don’t get too carried away. Because the truth is, even if everything goes wrong, the most important thing at the end of your big day is that you will be married and you get to share life together, forever.

Much love,



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